Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Copper River Grill - A Restaurant Review

To get a nice meal in our area, we have to drive into Lexington so my husband and I were very enthusiastic about trying the newly opened Copper River Grill. Unfortunately after two trips to the restaurant, we are back to driving into Lexington.

We had our first meal on what was actually our third attempt as the first two times we were faced with a wait of over an hour. (No food is that good.) The hostess was friendly and our server appeared at our table quickly. We both decided on sirloin steaks, Caesar salads and I chose the loaded mashed potatoes while my hubby preferred fries.

The salads arrived accompanied by a wonderfully warm, light and delicious croissant topped with their signature "Glacier Glaze" (think O'Charley's rolls). The Caesar dressing was a real disappointment, completely bland. The steaks were great cuts of meat, cooked per our instructions, but without any flavor at all, again completely bland. The mashed potatoes were flavorful, albeit a little heavy on both the butter and sour cream (and I love both!). My spouse wasn't thrilled with his fries. Including a coke for me and a glass of wine for him, our meal was a little north of $40 before tip.

Everyone has an off day, so we decided to give Copper River another chance. We visited again Tuesday with my mother joining us. Different menu selections, but same overall impression. We were again taken to a table quickly and a server took our drink orders immediately, but while the restaurant was sparsely populated we waited a good while for our assigned server to take our meal selections. This time we tried the house salad with honey-mustard dressing. The salad itself was fresh and the dressing was good. Things went downhill from there. Our selections were a club sandwich with fries, chicken tenders with mashed potatoes and a grilled chicken sandwich with fries. A trio of disappointing offerings. The club sandwich had an abundance of meat, but lacked flavor. The chicken tenders had nice flavor, but were greasy. The grilled chicken sandwich was bland. The sides were a repeat of our first experience. Unlike our friendly and prompt server on our first visit, this time we felt like we were interrupting her day.

I wanted to like the place. The building is inviting and the dining room has a wonderful ambiance. The fact is, however, you don't go to a restaurant just for the ambiance. The food should be good as well and at Copper River Grill it really isn't. Don't take my word for it, read some other reviews here.

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