Monday, January 06, 2014

This Year is NOW

My dear friend Rose often acts as a delightful muse who prompts me to write.  She's done it again.  This time it was the challenge of claiming one word for the year of 2014.  True to her spirit, Rose chose one phrase instead of one word.  I am sticking to the one-word framework and have selected "NOW" as my word for 2014.

How often I have said, "Someday I..."  It has finally occurred to me that, as I am in the midst of my 51st year, my somedays are fewer than they once were and I'd better get to doing!

This year, as much as I am able, I intend to make now my someday and to set in motion plans to achieve those nebulous goals, to act instead of making vague plans.  This has been percolating in the back of my mind for a while.  A friend wrote a blog post on her love/hate of Pinterest and it made me assess my pinning activities.  I realized I was spending more time pinning ideas, crafts, and recipes than I was acting upon those ideas or making those crafts and recipes.  That changes in 2014.

This year, when I think of an old friend or a family member I haven't seen or spoken to in a while, I will stop and write that note or send that email.

This year, I will set aside one supper a month (should be a week, but I'm realistic about my schedule) to make a new recipe.

This year, I will finish any project I start before starting another one. This is a big deal for this over-committed person.

This year, I will heed my Dad's wisdom that every ten years your priorities are up-ended.  I will clean out the cobwebs of unrealistic goals, useless plans, and false guilt.

This year, I will read 50 books - thanks to my Kindle and regular sessions on the treadmill!

When I ran this by my hubby, he suggested an ending that was perfect:

DV - Deo Volente - God willing.