Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tag Time

A friend tagged me for a blog theme. The idea is to answer the seven categories below and then tag five friends. Sounded fun to me, so here goes:

Ten Years Ago

We were moving from Louisville to Central Kentucky. My hubby was still working himself to death as a fulltime student and fulltime pastor. I was working at a small nonprofit agency. We were making contingency plans just in case the Y2K bug turned out to be TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it).

Today's To Do List

Medical tapes; start working on Sunday School lesson; continue Spring cleaning; secretarial stuff for hubby; usual daily work.

If I Were Suddenly A Billionaire

1. Rosie's right: Tithe first and remove temptation.

2. Buy a home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

3. Buy my church a building.

4. Travel.

5. Take care of some financial issues for friends.

3 Bad Habits
Just three? Worry; always underestimate how long a project will take; pack rat.

5 Most Recent Jobs

1. Medical transcriptionist

2. Program Manager, nonprofit agency

3. Office Manager, nonprofit agency

4. Mortgage Manager, Trans Union

5. Office Manager, 9th & O Baptist Church

5 Random Things You May Not Know About Me

1. Have read 2 biographies of Gen. George Patton and the autobiography of Gen. Omar Bradley.

2. Can imitate Marilyn Monroe and Mae West.

3. Afraid of heights (but working on this).

4. Drove over 100 mph on the German Autobahn (and LOVED it).

5. I am great at finding my way through a casino (much to my husband's chagrin).

5 Places I Want to See/See Again
(I'm cheating on this and answering it as a two-parter. )

Want to see: Alaska, Italy, New York City, Glacier National Park, Redwoods

Want to see again: Yellowstone, Zion National Park, northern Colorado, Bavaria, London.

And finally - Guinever, Ellen, Coral - you're tagged!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Forever Young

According to a whole lot of cosmetic commercials, the greatest fear women have is not breast cancer, not cervical cancer, it is getting older. There are billions of dollars invested in products that promise to help you not show your age. It seems that aging has become a social sin.

As part of this ridiculous mindset, Neutrogenia has an anti-aging product out now being promoted by Jennifer Garner. She is all of 36 and obviously over the hill. Just look at her:

Scripture speaks of wisdom coming with age. All our culture speaks of is to fear it. Good grief.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Facebook Fatigue?

In an effort to keep in touch with my younger friends, I have a Facebook page. I also have Facebook applications. Lots of Facebook applications. Lots and lots of Facebook applications! While most are fun, I hate the automatic "invite 20 of your friends to join" spam attachment that comes with these apps.

I joined a Facebook petition seeking to ban the inviting friends stuff. Seems I'm not the only one who's tired of it. Time Magazine has a whole article on it. Read it here.

Monday, April 07, 2008

In Memory of Charlton Heston

1984 was a magical year for me. My interest in politics and major in communications at the University of Louisville combined to present wonderful opportunities. The best opportunity was seeing President Ronald Reagan speak after the Louisville Debate from a front and center second floor position in the Atrium of the Hyatt Regency!

A close second favorite opportunity was the privilege of meeting Moses - Charlton Heston. Mr. Heston was campaigning for President Reagan and I attended one of the publicity stops. I eagerly stood in line for a chance to shake this iconic actor's hand, fully expecting to be rushed through and barely get a chance to glimpse his face. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Mr. Heston treated all those in line with equal respect. He stopped, shook your hand and looked you right in the eye while making a point to speak to you and exchange brief pleasantries. He did this for each and every person in line. He was warm and gracious.

While I admired his work as a thespian and agreed with and respected his work in the political arena, I was thrilled to find meeting the man didn't disappoint me in the least.

For biographical sketch, go here.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bear-ly Dancing

Wonder what bears do when no one's around? Dance with trees of course! Here's a cute video of a grizzly and a black bear scratching themselves on a tree and looking for all the world like a dancers!