Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Some Thoughts on #MeToo

“Curious about your take on the #MeToo movement.”   

A friend sent me this question and below is my answer:

Conflicted. Forgive the long answer forthcoming:

By personal experience, I can use the #MeToo hashtag (as can most of my friends, young and old). For my generation, it was usually seen as the cost of operating in a man's world. I admire the courage of those putting careers at risk. I DO NOT admire actresses who glom on now after the fact, who stood by and allowed other women to be victimized.

The blame is not easily assigned. My home Baptist church was benignly misogynistic, interpreting "wives submit to husbands" as women submit to men in a dismissive and disrespectful manner. This is why I, as a conservative lady, fell into feminism in college - because of the disrespect I received in my "conservative" circle.

Good Christian men are often truly unaware of the abuse women receive in society because it is foreign to their character.

Feminism itself is culpable because it has debased the concept of womanhood. If a woman is as immoral and common as any man, why should they be held in esteem?

Finally, I don't consider a man whistling or cat-calling a woman abuse. Is it irritating? Sure (but if women are honest also weirdly flattering). Can it be abuse in some cases? Absolutely, if the woman feels threatened in the circumstance. I fear some women are categorizing insignificant instances as abuse and thus my conflict and why - at this point- I haven't added my #MeToo to the conversation.

One last thing, it obviously boils down to a lack of Christian teaching. Christ was the great emancipator of women. However, when every element of masculinity is attacked, even the good and noble elements, there will of course be a backlash.