Friday, January 23, 2009

The blood of innocents

I had a lot of people tell me the abortion issue was a "nonissue" in the last presidential election because the occupant of the Oval Office really didn't have an impact on abortion.

Really? With a stroke of his pen and acting as our corporate head, President Obama is putting the blood of innocents again on our hands. Here's the story.

The first black president is now contributing to a black genocide - 4 out of 10 pregnancies among black women end in abortion.

That is change - an immoral one.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What You Meant For Evil . . .

Not being a multimillionaire with loads of moolah in his investments, I have read about the Bernard Madoff scandal with minimal interest. Until today. Seems Mr. Madoff's scheming has hurt Planned Parenthood. Way to go, Bernie!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

2001 Things To Do Before You Die

If I were given to conspiracy theories, right about now I’d be swearing one was underfoot to make me do a New Year’s retrospective post. They are all around me. My good friend Rosie reviewed 2008 on her blog. Coral highlighted some of the 93 books she read this year. (Yes, you read that correctly, 93! She is a reading machine!)

Bobby and I recently saw The Bucket List which, of course, leaves the viewer reflective. And last but not least, while cruising through the Bargain Books section of Barnes & Noble, I came across a little book that intrigued me: 2001 Things To Do Before You Die by Dane Sherwood. Interest piqued, I bought the book, sharpened a No. 2 pencil and began checking off items on its list.

When I saw the first item, I began to giggle. “Be an extra in a movie.” Check. Thanks to Ben Rogers, a former student of Bobby’s and a current Asbury film student, that goal was accomplished in early December!

I was surprised by how many of these completely random items I could check off: Ride an elephant – check.

Learn to drive a stick shift – check.

Like a piece of art without knowing why – check.

Walk across a suspension bridge – check. [Royal Gorge, Colorado]

Savor moonshine – check (long story!).

Fall head over heels in love – Check.

There were also a lot that I will never check off: Wake up next to Brad Pitt. Shave your head. Be on “American Idol.” Retire young (too late!).

There are a few I would love to check off: Live in Wyoming or Montana. Learn to ride Western like the Marlboro Man. Pay respect at the beaches of Normandy. Ride a gondola in Venice.

Here’s a few I hope to check off in the next year or so: Wine-tasting in Sonoma County, California. Throw a coin in the Fontana di Trevi in Rome. Touch the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square. Shoot a crossbow (Wii counts, right?)

I have a personal Bucket List, but this little book has given me more ideas. I hope to put a lot more checks in its boxes during 2009.