Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boo on The Bachelor

I don’t watch the Bachelor. I hate the show. No, really, I HATE the show. However, I caught the “After the rose. . .” segment Tuesday night. Ugh.

This is some kind of chauvinistic fantasy world. Here’s this guy presented with a 25-member harem. All these women basically parading around marketing themselves to this guy, “Pick me, pick me.” How exactly is this different from a bordello? [After all, later on in the season they have the “spend the night” date.]

After the Final Rose. . . a show where women come back to face the guy who dumped them so he can dump them again!

Ladies! Where is your pride? Where is your self worth?

What’s this “Pick me” garbage? I remember the Grey’s Anatomy episode where Meredith pleads with Derek to “Pick me. Love me.”

What happened to “Deserve me. Prove you rate me.”

That’s not arrogance. That’s self respect. And frankly, to this middle-aged married woman, that’s a commodity of which my younger sisters are in desperate need!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Harry, Heroes and HIS-story

One of the perks of being married to a minister is that you get lots of impromptu Bible studies. Our dinner table conversations often center on Scripture. What makes these conversations even more interesting is that my hubby Bobby is so very strong in the Old Testament and Biblical symbolism.

As a couple (and at church) we have read books on the Bible from a literary perspective. One of my favorites is A House For My Name by Peter Leithart. We can affirm what my childhood pastor taught as the "Three I’s" (inerrant, infallible, inspired) but also recognize that God works through means. In selecting writers, God selected their specific personalities and perspectives which would shape how the inspired Word would be written. Likewise, the various authors of Scripture used literary structures to convey their messages (acrostic poems, chiasms, etc.).

The more I study Scripture from a literary perspective, the more convinced I become that there are no original stories – all storytelling is in actuality a retelling of The Story.

Like Scripture, so many of our favorite fairytales and romance movies end in a wedding (or the lead up to the wedding). As Leithart has pointed out, Sleeping Beauty is a picture of the Gospel: The prince slays the dragon to rescue his princess as Christ slayed the dragon (serpent) and rescued his princess/bride (the Church). This is found throughout cinematic history.

My hubby and I watched an interview with J.K. Rowlings of Harry Potter fame and she said she was reticent to discuss her faith until after the series concluded. This was as the final book was being released and people were speculating about who would live and who would die. Bobby, having never read the books, said with complete confidence, “Well obvious Harry will die and resurrect. He has to. He’s the chosen child, the Chosen One.” Obviously.

I’m a fan of the television series, Heroes. During the November 5th episode of Heroes, I had an epiphany. It was during an exchange between Angela Petrelli and Peter when she tells him that he was the most powerful of all of the heroes. In the comic strips, a light bulb would have appeared over my head at that moment! Of course. Obviously. Peter is the series’ messiah. And Sylar is the antichrist.

Peter is the second son (like Jesus can be seen as the second Adam). He is responsible for the redemption of the 1st son, Nathan. He is the most powerful. He absorbs powers in a positive fashion. Sylar isn’t a Hero. He’s a wannabe. He’s a fake. He takes powers in a negative fashion as a destroyer. Ultimately, the battle will be between Sylar and Peter.

I’m not going to look for symbolism beyond that at this point. However, Heroes is written as a comic strip/graphic novel. That genre has a history of biblical themes, intentional or not (Superman, anyone?). I haven’t read interviews with the creators/writers of Heroes, so I don’t know their worldviews and expecting a consistent parallel with Scripture from a secular source is silly. But I’m looking forward to Heroes more than ever now.