Saturday, May 26, 2007

TCA Class of 2007

On Friday, May 25, the Trinity Christian Academy Class of 2007 had their graduation ceremonies. Bobby and I had just returned with this class from their senior trip and for my husband the evening was bittersweet. He was very excited about the future of these graduates, but also very sad to see his daily contact with them end.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Cortez A. Cooper, Jr., spoke about the postmodern world into which these graduates are stepping. He challenged them to change the culture or even create a new culture. What Dr. Cooper may not have known is this class had largely done just that - they had created a new culture in many ways.

This class had been derided as the Golden Class, the Perfect Class, the Overachievers who only underachieved at mischief and wrongdoing. Good for them! This was a decidedly ‘Christian’ class who created a culture where students received support and encouragement from their classmates, a culture where excellence was expected in all aspects of their lives.

They were still ordinary teenagers, but their accomplishments were extraordinary. The 19 seniors received over 20 scholarships. Among these 19 were a National Merit Scholar, a National Merit Finalist, and a student who received commendation from the National Merit program after missing finalist status by just a point.

But they weren’t just academicians. There were accomplished pianists, guitarists, and singers in the group. There were artists, athletes, linguists and writers.

“. . . but the greatest of these is love.” That’s what I will always remember about the Class of 2007. Beyond their academic resumes, these were a group of seniors who displayed Christian character and love. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to know them.

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