Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is This For Your Granddaughter?

It's amazing the damage five little words can do. There I was minding my own business at Hobby Lobby. I had picked up a cute little "Baby's first Christmas" ornament to send to a dear friend. I was full of warm fuzzies thinking about Elaine and Ella Rose. That's when the attack occurred.

The cashier picked up the ornament and said the appropriate, "Oh, how cute!" Then she stabbed five dagggers into my heart:

"Is this for your granddaughter?"

Immediately the girl knew she had stepped into a mine field! Perhaps it was the color draining from my face. Perhaps it was the sharp intake of breath I had upon hearing the vile question. But really I think it was the blood spurting from my wounded ego that began to pool on the floor at my feet that gave it away!!

Is this for your GRANDDAUGHTER?!!!!

I've never lied about my age. (I'm 45.) I've never evaded questions about my age. And, truth be told, it is completely within the realm of possibility for me to be a grandmother.

BUT. . .

I don't want some cashier at Hobby Lobby confirming that fact!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oooh Alisa,
You had me laughing so hard! It's how old you feel that matters anyway,right?? Right!