Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boo on The Bachelor

I don’t watch the Bachelor. I hate the show. No, really, I HATE the show. However, I caught the “After the rose. . .” segment Tuesday night. Ugh.

This is some kind of chauvinistic fantasy world. Here’s this guy presented with a 25-member harem. All these women basically parading around marketing themselves to this guy, “Pick me, pick me.” How exactly is this different from a bordello? [After all, later on in the season they have the “spend the night” date.]

After the Final Rose. . . a show where women come back to face the guy who dumped them so he can dump them again!

Ladies! Where is your pride? Where is your self worth?

What’s this “Pick me” garbage? I remember the Grey’s Anatomy episode where Meredith pleads with Derek to “Pick me. Love me.”

What happened to “Deserve me. Prove you rate me.”

That’s not arrogance. That’s self respect. And frankly, to this middle-aged married woman, that’s a commodity of which my younger sisters are in desperate need!

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