Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Golden Compass Bombs

The Golden Compass, a movie based on a series of anti-Christian novels, is bombing at the box office. That's great news! While the movie has been sanitized of the anti-Christian dogma of militant atheist Phillip Pullman’s novels, the concern for many Christian groups is that the movie will inspire kids to want to read the books. Pullman acknowledged to the Sydney Morning News in 2003 his novels were “about killing God.” He wanted his series to become the anti-Narnia, the anti-Lord of the Ring.

In the Golden Compass, the church is the ground zero for evil and the heroine’s parents are the villains. Surprisingly for a movie based on books by an atheist, the film has included a lot of spirituality - of the occult variety. The movie’s web site (and future marketing efforts in toys, etc.) push the occult. Kids can discover their personal daemon (pronounced “demon”), an animal embodiment of their soul outside their body. Mystic accoutrements abound.

The advertisers for Golden Compass were hoping to tap into the Narnia/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter audience. No such luck and the $200 million dollar Nicole Kidman film is going down in flames. How appropriate!


Anonymous said...

Not only is the Golden Compass failing, but also the studio behind this blatant attack on Christ. New Line Cinema may have to close up shop after this latest bomb. I was just reading how Time Warner is tired of all the flops coming out of their "boutique" studio holding, and are seriously considering closing New Line down altogether. Just goes to show what happens when you try and go toe to toe with the Lord. Lol.

Anonymous said...

"blatant attack on Christ"? i'm guessing you never read the books or watched the movie, but are basing your opinions on the trash your right-wing ultra-conservative internet friends have said. not only is "christ" never mentioned in the book or film (thus, no attack can be called 'blatant' but overt at worst) but niether is christianity or catholics or any other religion that actually exists. it rips on a FICTICOUS church in FICTICOUS worlds for being narrow minded and against scientific research. if you took offence you are drawing the parallels yourself because you know your own church to be narrow minded and against scientific research. if you didnt think that, you wouldn't have anything to be offended about. it seems rather odd that the same people who read the most popular fictional story of all time(the bible) could be so upset over a childrens story. read the books and understand the humorously ironic position you've put yourself in.

Alisa said...

Dear Anonymous:

How telling that someone with such strong opinions declines to use their name. While I am right wing and a paleoconservative, I am not narrow in my literary perspectives (prime example: I praise the Harry Potter series). Now, as far as Christ not being mentioned in the books and thus a blatant attack being impossible: Tsk, tsk. "God" is never mentioned in the book of Esther and yet HE is everywhere present. Latching on to the use of "blatant" versus "overt" to dismiss a critic is rather lame. You claim it is a fictious world being discussed in the books, and yet the author disagrees with you, as he has made his intent clear in numerous interviews. Oh, and by the way, since you believe the Bible to be fictious, I have a couple of passages from it for you: "The fool has said in his heart: There is no God." and "The way of the transgressor is hard."