Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol & A British Surprise

Here’s a brief recap:

Allison – “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”. Taking on Steven Tyler, the 16-year- old did a great job. I know she has a deep, raspy speaking voice, but sometimes it sounds like she’s singing in a key that’s too low for her.

Anoop – “Everything I Do”. His best performance to date. Loved it.

Adam – “Born To Be Wild”. His performance was over the top and it worked. He really is all that and change - great voice, great performer.

Matt – “Really Love A Woman”. Nice job, but Matt has gone about as far as he’s gonna go.

Danny – “Endless Love.” This actually brought tears to my eyes. It was a wonderful, heartfelt performance.

Kris – “Falling Slowly.” I wasn’t familiar with this song and didn’t get all the words, but I love this kid.

Lil – “The Rose.” I loved the first part, but when she “changed it up”, she lost me, lost pitch, lost it.

Here’s how I would rate them:


Should be going home? Lil. Might be going home? Matt.

Now, from Britain’s Got Talent, check out this reminder not to judge a book by its cover.

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