Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Change of Heart Toward Life

The battle over abortion is the front line of the culture war. It is the front line in the fight to redirect our nation to a truly hopeful change and future. Sanctioning the murder of innocent unborn children has created a culture of death that has permeated our society and had a destructive impact on our citizens, most importantly our young people.

My husband teaches Ethics at a local Christian school. One topic discussed is abortion. He pulls no punches in educating the students on just what abortion is. It has been stunning to learn the word has become such a part of our society that some students really didn't know what all was involved in the procedure. Students are horrified as they learn the true gruesomeness of "choice."

It was with great joy I read the story of a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic having a "change of heart" about her pro-choice stance after watching an ultrasound of an abortion being performed. The ultrasound technology has been a wonderful blessing in the Pro-Life fight as it gives us a 3-D view into the womb leaving little doubt that during pregnancy a human being is in residence there. You can see the interview here or read about her conversion here.

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