Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten Concert Truths

I had a wonderful time this weekend at the Carrie Underwood concert. The music was great, the performance was at turns fun and moving, and the artist herself seemed to be just a genuinely nice young lady. I have cheered for her since her American Idol days, so it was good to see that authentic vibe was still there.

The concert also provided me with blog fodder, so below are listed Ten Concert Truths gained from my experience Sunday night:

Decibel level tolerance diminishes with age.

What looked good on you at 25 might quite possibly look ridiculous on you at 45.

Certain fashion styles have weight limits. I'm just sayin'.

A certain Alabama song was full of insight: "...too young to understand, why the young girls fall in love with the boys in the band."

$60 seems a lot to pay just for the opportunity to get drunk on overpriced beer.

Sheer volume does not make up for talent deficits.

Everyone likes a good bluegrass instrumental (even those who don't think they like bluegrass).

Inflation scale = $1 per year: Early 90s - concert T-shirt was $15-20, today $35.

Music really is better performed live.

Seeing their child happy makes the parent happier than the child.

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