Monday, July 19, 2010

Professing Themselves Wise...

On the way home from church yesterday, we passed a car that had a myriad of atheist bumper stickers - everything from the ridiculous fish with legs to "Darwin Loves You". I told Bobby anyone who has to proclaim their atheism that loudly makes me skeptical. That's rebellion, not disbelief. I'm convinced that guy deep down believes in God, he's just ticked off by Him.

Atheists can be frightening (when they affect judicial rulings), but they can also be hilarious as seen in this story of U.S. atheists using hairdryers to "debaptize" themselves. They could have saved themselves the trouble. They have already countermanded their baptism.

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bill said...

I'm not ready to say there is no God because I don't yet fully understand the universe and all its goings on, I mean keeping up with all those orbits and black holes and I don't know if some intelligence is required to keep a balance out there. I don't believe those books written so long ago by various individuals no smarter than you and me, maybe not as intelligent as are you, and pulled together into what we call our Bible is inspired by such an intelligence as hovers over the universe. I believe the writings in our Bible were borrowed and that God had nothing to do with it. Nor does he interact with humans or function as an adult Santa Clause or offer free healing to believers. But if others believe that it's okay. Mainly I guess I hate to see a good blog written day after day, week after week, with one having no idea whether or not it is being read. SI have read these blogs and you are pretty good at it.