Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama's Tin Ear (or Why Jammin' Takes Experience)

Charlie Daniels has always had a way with words. The turn of phrase in his lyrics (Uneasy Rider or The Devil Went Down to Georgia just to name two) reveal a cleverness of thought that quickly dispels any notion that Mr. Daniels is just a redneck fiddlin’ fool.
On his band’s website, there is a section entitled “Soap Box” where Daniels holds forth on a variety of topics. I’ve enjoyed reading these from time to time over the years, but hadn’t checked out the site recently. In fact, I’d pretty much forgotten about Charlie’s essays until my friend Bill Smith posted one of Daniels’ blurbs from May where he uses his 50+ years as a musician to develop an analogy of why Obama is failing. I think Daniels has hit a high note. You can read it here.

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