Friday, June 15, 2007

West Trip, Part 2: From Laramie to Jackson Hole

Colorado is beautiful, but Wyoming has stolen my heart. There's a wildness to its beauty. Montana isn't the only "big sky country"! As we drove across Dick Cheney's home state, we were treated to snowcapped mountains in the background with expansive plains and a sky that went on forever!

"Wyoming Wind" is a potent thing. There are crossbars periodically on the roads for when highways have to be shutdown. Warning signs are everywhere. Of course, it makes a good environment for a windmill farm. We saw ridge after ridge covered in white windmills:

At Rock Springs, Wyoming we turned onto 191 North. From here to Jackson, specifically from Pineville to Jackson, was one of the most beautiful areas I think I have ever seen. The Hoback River winding from side to side across the road, rolling fields and hills of tall pines:

As we stood taking pictures of the Hoback River, I realized one of my life goals. We caught sight of a very large bird flying down the river. . . it was a bald eagle!! I had wanted to see one in the wild all my life! It was a brief glimpse - but I was thrilled!

No matter how many times I had sung "Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play," I was still surprised to look out and see bunches of antelope (called pronghorns by the natives) playing in the fields.

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