Thursday, June 14, 2007

Westward, Again

My Mom, my hubby and I once again this year took off on a Western vacation. We flew into Denver and spent the first day at Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Colorado was still as beautiful as I remembered. We spent some time walking around and enjoying Sprague Lake:

There wasn't much talking among the three of us as we just tried to soak in the beauty before us.

We next went back to Bear Lake and enjoyed another leisurely walk around its borders. We were surprised at the amount of snow still there in June...little did we know that was a glimpse into our future!

There are signs everywhere not to feed the wildlife - for their protection, as well as your own. However, this little golden mantle squirrel (looks a lot like our chipmunks) apparently didn't get the message:
Wildlife played a big part in what made this trip so wonderful for me! More to come. . .

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Anonymous said...

That was really a wonderfull pics^^
It makes me really wanna go there^^