Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Addicted To Texting? You're Sick!

Is the first thing you think about doing when you get home from work to log on and check your email? If at home during the day, are you in front of your computer screen several times a day? Do your thumbs need physical therapy from all the texting you do? Is a vacation without a computer just not worth taking? If so, some Australian researchers have expressed their concern for your mental well being in a recent issue of American Journal of Psychiatry.

In the article, Dr Jerald Block said there were four symptoms: suffering from feelings of withdrawal when a computer cannot be accessed; an increased need for better equipment; need for more time to use it; and experiencing the negative repercussions of their addiction. Dr Block said that although text messaging was not directly linked to the Internet, it was a form of instant messaging and needed to be included among the criteria.

You can read the news report here. I really should text my friends about this. . .

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Anonymous said...

Hi - My name is Priscilla - I hope you don't mind a complete stranger commenting on your blog!! It's late at night here in Texas, and I was trying to find my daughter's family's blogspot on my back-up internet connection, as my other one is down... I goggled their name, which is Bomgaars, and happened to notice your review of In His Feathers from last August, which was written by my son-in-law's mother. I left a comment to that August blog and thought you might want to read it. Boy, will I feel silly if you are one of my daughter's and son-in-laws many friends in Mississippi, as that means you surely know "the rest of the story", but if you only know of Sharon through her book, I thought you might like to read a few more details.

Priscilla Roberts
Ft. Worth, TX