Tuesday, March 04, 2008


March 4 is the anniversary of my Dad’s death. I'm still missing him, wanting to talk to him and hear him laugh. Thankfully, it’s my Dad’s laughter, his sense of humor and fun, that is beginning to make things easier. I’m remembering him with a smile more often than with tears. Rodney Atkins’ new song, Cleaning This Gun is making me smile a lot these days. My Dad actually greeted one of my dates with a gun in hand which he just happened to be cleaning at the time he knew I was being picked up!

Like in the lyrics, I think my Dad’s worst fear was that I would fall for a guy who reminded him of himself as a young man! [Which, of course, is exactly what I did!]

There’s another song out that always makes me think about him, Alan Jackson’s Small Town Southern Man, but no song really captures Daddy like Holly Dunn’s Daddy’s Hands.


RosieBoo said...

How much I LOVE that picture!!

Anonymous said...

Alan Jackson's "When Daddy Let Me Drive". Of course it starts off with driving a fishing boat...