Sunday, April 20, 2008

Forever Young

According to a whole lot of cosmetic commercials, the greatest fear women have is not breast cancer, not cervical cancer, it is getting older. There are billions of dollars invested in products that promise to help you not show your age. It seems that aging has become a social sin.

As part of this ridiculous mindset, Neutrogenia has an anti-aging product out now being promoted by Jennifer Garner. She is all of 36 and obviously over the hill. Just look at her:

Scripture speaks of wisdom coming with age. All our culture speaks of is to fear it. Good grief.

1 comment:

Guinever said...

I saw the commercial she was in and did a double take. I didn't realize she was so old, so maybe the cream is working. haha

Wouldn't you agree that she has been surgically enhanced a few inches below her chin?