Saturday, August 23, 2008

Clippers Anonymous

I’m going to start a new self-help group, Clippers Anonymous. Signs of the addiction include a desk which is a cluttered mess. Inability to throw away a magazine until it has been scoured for coupons, recipes, helpful hints, etc. Piles of clippings that the addict swears will be filed “one of these days.”

My name is Alisa and I’m a clipper. Yes, sometimes this addiction nets a wonderful new appetizer or quick clean up tip, but most of the time it just clutters up my desk. Finally I’m seeking the help I need and have started the process of actually throwing clippings away, but not until I share a few of my worthwhile finds with you:

Keep onions fresh and recycle old pantyhose by putting the pungent bulbs into a leg of the hose and tying a knot between each. Simply snip when you need an onion. Keeps your pantry neater.

When boiling eggs, add salt to the water to make the shells come off easily.

To easily separate bacon slices, put the top of a slice between the tines of a fork and roll up around the fork.

Poke a hole in a coffee filter and slip a paintbrush through to keep drips off your hand while you touch up a wall. (Also great to put in bottom of a flower pot to keep dirt from seeping out when you water your plants.)

Poison ivy? Wash off with a good dish detergent in cold water (never hot which opens the pores letting more toxins in). If rash appears, apply thin layer of detergent and let dry.

Heartburn at night? Sleep on your left side. It puts your esophagus higher than your stomach reducing reflux.

Store wool clothing in plastic bags with a few perfume samples from magazines layered in. The samples mask the smell of the wool which draws the moths.

Need to zap a zit? Dab a bit of Milk of Magnesia on it at bedtime and it will be dried up by morning.

Finally, for the bakers out there:

Wrap cinnamon sticks in foil and bake at 350º for a little while to remove a burnt smell from the oven.

Warm brownies are easily and neatly cut using a plastic knife (thanks for this one, Olivia).

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