Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hermie & Friends - Great Children's DVDs

I teach Children’s Sunday School and enjoy it a great deal. The problem is when things come up during the week that prevent my preparing a lesson, what do I do on Sunday with the kids? I don’t want to waste the opportunity. What about when I have to go out of town and a teaching sub isn’t available?

Max Lucado to the rescue!

I have never read a single book by Max Lucado, but I have great affection for him because of his Hermie & Friends DVD series. This delightful series features charming bugs in a wonderful garden setting who love God and teach others (and the viewers) practical lessons about living in community and loving God.

The series reminds me of the original Warner Brothers Looney Tunes cartoons which kids and adults loved for different reasons. The humor is layered – one for the kids and another level that will tickle the adults’ funny bone. This is especially true with the Buzby character – an Elvis lookalike spelling bee who sings, dances, learns and teaches us about rules and behaving.

There are other cute children’s DVD that have biblical messages, Veggie Tales, for instance, but their message is often too watered down for my satisfaction. Hermie & Friends have an overt biblical lesson which is taught with humor, music and fun.

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