Monday, November 17, 2008

List of Fives

A friend tagged me for this, so here are my lists of fives:

5 joys:
1. Helping my husband and going through life with him.
2. Being with my mom.
3. Being with the kids the Lord has put in our lives.
4. Traveling.
5. Being exposed to new insights and ideas.

5 fears:
1. Losing a loved one.
2. Tornadoes.
3. All multi-legged bugs.
4. Forgetting something really important.
5. Liberals in power.

5 obsessions:
1. Battling the bulge(s).
2. Internet.
3. Christmas!
4. Finding the right shade of red lipstick.
5. Finding a Denver-minted Kansas state quarter!

5 Surprising facts:
1. I’ve bungee jumped.
2. I can’t make an edible beef roast to save my life!
3. My gut instinct has never let me down (except when I’ve ignored it).
4. I saw Elvis Presley in concert twice.
5. Once told a friend hell would freeze over before I became a pastor’s wife. ; )

5 things for which you are thankful (from 2008):
1. My mom is cancer free.
2. The Lord’s tender mercies at my mom-in-law’s passing.
3. My church family.
4. My new cookware.
5. Olivia and Nick.

5 goals that you have for 2009:
1. Lose weight.
2. Read more.
3. Redo bedroom.
4. Clean garage so a car can actually go in it.
5. Have friends and family in our home more.

Now, I am officially tagging others: Guinever, Rosie, Coral - you're it!

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