Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol Recap

Grand Ol' Opry was the theme tonight and I was disappointed. With the songs available, I expected great things and and except for Anoop, there were no standout performances.

The GOOD: Anoop!! I like this guy. He is a nice, intelligent young man who finally is showing that he also can sing. Yah for a breakout moment.

How can Allison just be 16? The girl has a great voice (but I thought she went flat a lot).

Kris put a new spin on an old song and I didn't recognize the Garth standard. Nice job.

I am not an Adam fan (too much of a flamer for me), but his eastern taken on Ring of Fire was weird enough to be good.

Danny gave another solid performance, but I expected more.

Megan was a pleasant surprise.

THE BLAH: Lil Rounds has the voice, but the song wasn't right for her.

Alexis chose the wrong song and again wasn't as good as she should have been.

Matt did a nice job, but I don't get the infatuation with him.

Michael's attempt at Garth was bad. His voice couldn't keep up with the rapid fire lyrics and he seemed to be dragging at times.

Everyone of Scott's songs sound the same to me.

I really hope Dial Idol has the bottom three wrong this week.

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RosieBoo said...

The infatuation of Matt?....he's got that Buble' style. We gotta get the teenyboppers off Adam or he'll never go away. Ick. Johnny Cash had to be doing somersaults in his grave. :)