Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol Redux

Every year we hear “most talented group ever” from Ryan Seacrest and company. This year, it might just be the truth. I already have my favorites, but first a quick recap:

Lil Rounds - “The Way You Make Me Feel” – Vocals good, but song wasn’t challenging enough for her. Wasn’t as impressed as I expected to be.

Scott MacIntyre - “Keep the Faith” – Okay. Here goes: If this guy wasn’t blind, we wouldn’t be hearing him on American Idol. Period. Nice voice, but there are hundreds of “nice voices” out there.

Danny Gokey - “Pretty Young Thing” – Disclaimer: He is one of my favorites. I love his voice. I loved his performance. I hope he makes it to the end.

Michael Sarver - “You’re Not Alone” – Every year we have an Everyman in the competition. Someone with a nice voice, talented, and winsome. This year it’s Michael. He’ll stay for awhile based on his likeability.

Jasmine Murray - “I’ll Be There” – I was thrilled when she was brought back on the Wild Card show, but I didn’t like this at all. Sounded like a high school talent show entry.

Kris Allen - “Remember the Time.” – I’m betting Kris stays until the middle of the season. He’s cute and appealing. His song, in the immortal words of Randy Jackson, was just alright for me.

Allison Iraheta - “Give it to Me” – Wow! She’s got vocal chops! I like the rocker chick and hopes she stays around a while. Kinda agree with Simon, if she doesn’t lighten up she might become a one-trick pony.

Anoop Desai - “Beat It” - Anoop gets ragged on by the judges and deservedly so. He did a Michael Jackson impersonation – but I still voted for the guy. He’s just so likeable. Think he’s safe until mid-season.

Jorge Nunez - “Never Can Say Goodbye” – I like him better when I close my eyes and just listen to him sing. He’ll go out in the early rounds (8-9).

Megan Joy Corkrey - “Rockin’ Robin” – I don’t get the infatuation with Megan. Just. Don’t. Get. It. Hoping she’s one of the two gone, but Vote For The Worst has made her its beneficiary.

Adam Lambert - “Black and White” – Too much personal information about Adam was gained this week, but still – He Can Sing! He and Danny are the best of the lot, in my humble opinion.

Matt Giraud - “Human Nature” – Another one I don’t get. Nice job, I just don’t see what the judges see in him.

Alexis Grace - “Dirty Diana” – I agree with Simon. It wasn’t as good as she and the audience thought it was, but it did give the impression of being that good. Probably top 5.

I agree with the top four on Dial Idol, but I’m shocked by their bottom two.

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