Sunday, January 23, 2011

38 Years of Shame

Today is Sanctity of Life Sunday. It is the day set aside to commemorate Roe vs. Wade and the awful legacy that followed. It is a day in which Christians join together to pray for the end of our slaughter of innocents and to plead God's mercy on our nation for allowing this for now 38 years.

Our corporate prayer today in our worship service said:

"Let us pray for children being knit together in their mothers' wombs, for mothers and fathers, and for all organizations and agencies dedicated to valuing human life; let us also pray for women burdened by the guilt of having ended a child's life.

Wise and gracious Father, You are the Lord of life. We give You thanks for the gift of children. By Your grace, enable all people to embrace all human beings, especially the most vulnerable, as part of the human community, worthy of our protection and care. Empower parents to love their children and teach them of the Lord Jesus. Sustain all agencies dedicated to caring for the most vulnerable among us. By the power of the cross of Christ, enable all who carry a burden of guilt to repent, confess and experience the forgiveness of sins and renewal of life; through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Every abortion has two victims - immediately the child and subsequently the mother who aborted that child. Assurance Care for Women and Girls offers help to women in crisis pregnancies as well as women dealing with the lasting trauma of abortion. Assurance also has started a ministry to the oft-forgotten person in this situation, the father. If you are dealing with a crisis pregnancy or the trauma of abortion, they will greet you with love and compassion and offer help.

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