Monday, February 07, 2011

Super Bowl Commercials - Winners & Losers

While the Packers and Steelers gave us a great game (for a change), the day after the Super Bowl it's still the commercials that are discussed most. Here in no particular order are my submissions for Winners & Losers of the Commercial Super Bowl:


Mini-Darth (Volkswagen Passat)

Lifesaver Beaver (Bridgestone)

Resuscitations (Doritos)

Racing Beetle (Volkswagen)

Border Guards (Coca-Cola)

Rich Prison (Audi)

TV show favs (

Ozzy & Bieber (Best Buy)


Simon Cowell (X-Factor) - The Brit may have waited too long. Steven Tyler has me saying, "Simon who?"

Richard Lewis & Roseanne Barr (Snickers) - They haven't been relevant for 15-20 years. Betcha most under 30 didn't know who they were and didn't get the joke!

Pant-licking (Doritos) - Just ick.

Cowboys & Aliens trailer - Now I know why Robert Downey Jr bailed on this film.

Thor - Huh?

Tibetan food (GroupOn) - Let's talk about suffering and make it fun!

You can see most of the ads here.

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