Tuesday, September 18, 2007

At the Movies: Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs is a movie for guys. It has guy humor. It has guy pathos. And it had this gal in stitches!

If you’re under 35, you’re probably going to miss the humor. You need to be at the age where you’re looking back at your “glory days”. In fact, unless Springstein’s "Glory Days makes you sing along every time you hear it, wait a few years before seeing Wild Hogs.

The movie begins by introducing us to Doug, a former wild and crazy guy who has settled into suburbia as a “lame” middle-aged Dad [Tim Allen]; Woody, who married a swimsuit model and was living the high life – until divorce and bankruptcy lowered his position [John Travolta]; Bobby, a henpecked plumber who has a crappy job- literally [Martin Lawrence]; and then there is Dudley, a shy computer geek who is terrified of talking to a woman [William H. Macy].

The four friends escape the dullness and disappointments of their day-to-day lives by straddling their Harleys for afternoons of make-believe when they don their leather and become Wild Hogs. Woody, unable to deal with his downturn in fortune, cajoles his three friends into a cross-country road trip. This trip, as expected, becomes a source of revelation for the foursome.

Tim Allen’s Doug is the emotional center of the film. He’s not running from something as much as he is trying to recover something. John Travolta is in fine comedic form as the poseur extraordinaire Woody (almost made me forget his Scientology weirdness). Martin Lawrence is great as the henpecked, macho-wannabe Bobby. And then there’s William H. Macy. Macy, Oscar-nominated and an Emmy winner, manages to be hysterical as Dudley without ever turning the character into a caricature.

The four men are endearing (although some of the y-chromosome humor did make me groan). Marisa Tomei adds another good-hearted girlfriend role to her resume. Ray Liotta plays Jack, the Wild Hogs’ nemesis - a real biker gang leader. John C. McGinley plays a quirky character that may make it impossible for Scrubs fans to ever look at him the same way again! By the way, did I mention the movie’s ending has a neat cameo?

If you’re looking for a fun evening, Wild Hogs will bring home the bacon.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

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RosieBoo said...

I've been curious about this film and not willing to chance it. Thanks for the review!...maybe I'll watch it now. ;)