Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gone Grey

My inaugural post on this blog was about Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve written a few posts since then about the show and my appreciation for the writers and actors. I’ve often felt the show provided rich insights into the human heart and relationships. It was for this reason I put up with the immorality. The workplace is Seattle Grace Hospital and I had always felt the hospital’s name was a metaphor (like each character’s chosen specialty) of what characters were seeking or experiencing.

Things change.

I slogged through last year. I kept waiting for the characters to start acting like the characters I knew. Never happened. Meredith and Derek on the outs. Again. George sleeps with a “friend”. Again. (This time after he marries Callie.) Meredith loses more loved ones. Christina and Burke implode. Retreads. I’ve already watched these story lines. Most disappointing, however, was the complete lack of redemption. All this ickiness and nothing to show for it.

So when Grey’s Anatomy premieres next week, I won’t be tuning in. I’m saying goodbye to Seattle Grace and hello to an extra hour a week to read.

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