Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Witty Music

In this blog’s heading, I warned that sometimes the entries are seriously frivolous. This is one of those times.

I LOVE Brad Paisley! Not only is he an incredible guitarist, he’s also one of the wittiest songwriters around. I even look forward to reading the liner notes of his CDs because of the comedic tone. He has such a mastery of the clever turn of phrase, double entendres (never too risqué) and word pictures. His latest, Online makes me giggle. If you spend anytime in cyberspace (or have a young person in your life who does), you’ll appreciate this one. You can watch the video here. (See how many of the performers making cameos you recognize. There are tons!)

His breakthrough comedic story song was probably I’m Gonna Miss Her (although everyone knows it by the title, The Fishing Song). Here’s Alcohol and Celebrity (William Shatner is hilarious!).

Brad is great at comedy, but he’s not one dimensional. Check out his ballad about his wife, She’s Everything. And if you wonder where he’s coming from, watch When I Get Where I’m Going.

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