Friday, November 03, 2006

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

Recently a friend of mine was playing a word association game with her teenaged niece and said, "Virgin" to which the niece replied, "Ugly." Hmmm. Seems purity has fallen on hard times.

Welcome to the 21st century where hot, sexy, "booty-ful" and the like are the adjectives girls long to have applied to them. The popular BRAT line of dolls seem to be modeled on Julia Roberts and her coworkers at the beginning of Pretty Woman!

Pretty, classy, elegant, ladylike. . . heard these phrases applied to anyone but grandmothers recently? Fortunately some of our sisters in the Catholic community are fighting back against what is called Brittanywear, 'Ho' Fashion and Hooker Chic.

Pure Fashion is a "faith-based program that encourages teen girls to live, act and dress in accordance with their dignity as children of God." The focus is on "guiding young women ages 14-18 to become confident, competent leaders who live the virtues of modesty and purity in their schools and communities."

Brenda Sharman, former Miss Georgia USA, professional model and now Pure Fashion spokeswoman, said in a recent interview, "Modesty is more than what you wear on the outside, it has to be an exterior reflection of an interior attitude".

Pure Fashion conducts fashion shows and their models "learn the importance of living a life in accordance with God's will and fostering a life of grace through purity of heart, mind and body." Their web site has a practical description of what modest apparel looks like.

Their motto: Pure Fashion. . .Where values and virtues are always in Vogue!

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Nakiru said...

Ah, yes, the "V card," which my co-workers tell me is something which should NEVER be played on the first date...
You have SO many fewer regrets when you stick to your guns not just about that but about modesty in general. Really, do you want a guy who you have to reel in using "everything you've got," or do you want someone who looks at you in a sweatshirt and jeans and says, "you're beautiful."? um...yeah.
besides, if you're serious about your virginity, wearing clothes that aren't serious about your purity really aren't going to get you attention from the kinds of guys you want.
wow. rambly rambly coral. i love you lisie. i miss you lots.
you'll hear from me soon, now that the brother is back on the way to afghanistan and midterms are nearly over. loves!!