Sunday, November 26, 2006

Van Til, Lewis and Soaps

Cornelius Van Til wrote as time goes on people will become more and more epistemologically self-conscious, that is, they will start living more and more in terms with their worldview.

C. S. Lewis expressed similar sentiments when he prophesied as time marches on if you were to enter history at some point in the future, the lines between good and evil would be more sharply drawn than they are now or were in the past. There will be less and less elbow room between good and evil with good getting gooder and bad getting badder!

This was brought home to me on a small scale when I tuned in to a television show I had watched faithfully over 20 years ago. As I wrote in an earlier blog, I was a “Luke & Laura” fan back in General Hospital’s heyday.

Flash forward 25 years. The re-marriage was a sweet and tender affair, however, what garbage was endured to view it! Currently one of the show’s main heroes is a mobster – 25 years ago Luke and Laura were on the run because they were fighting the mob. 25 years ago the soap had a decent writing, an actual plot and true heroes and heroines fighting for right against wrong. Adultery happened – but there was always a price to be paid. Even in soaps – sin had consequences. Not today. I never considered myself na├»ve, but good grief! Soft porn available on the three free television stations in the middle of the afternoon.

There's comfort in the fact that the ratings for soaps are plunging and their budgets are being slashed. Production quality is being reduced to the story quality - which is awful.

So . . . Luke, Laura, it was fun. Been nice knowing you. But if there was ever any doubt - we are so done.

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