Saturday, November 11, 2006

Honor To Whom Honor Is Due

An edict by President Eisenhower changed what had been Armistice Day to Veterans' Day and designated a celebration to be observed on November 11, 1954.

Growing up in a John-Wayne-flag-waving-love-it-or-leave-it family, I have a deep and abiding respect and appreciation for the men and women of our Armed Forces, Americans who still believe there are ideas and ideals worth more than life itself.

Today has been set aside by our nation to honor these men and women who have risked life and limb for this country. Rather than dwelling on cynicism about our political system, today let's remember noble goals and callings.

The third verse of America the Beautiful says it well:

O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife.
Who more than self,
Their country loved
And mercy more than life!
America! America!
May God thy gold refine,
Till all success be nobleness
And every gain divine!

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