Friday, August 03, 2007

Creation Museum

A few Saturdays ago, we had a church outing to the
new Creation Museum in northern Kentucky. Coming during the week would have been hard for a lot of our members, so there we were on the day the museum had its 100,000th visitor! The museum had hoped for 200,000 the first year – they have far exceeded their own expectations! They’ve done it up right, not cheesy at all.

There are multimedia presentations, fascinating models (including a chance to go inside Noah’s ark) and, what the media and critics don’t want you to know, lots

of science! Every news report I’ve read

or heard has begun, "The controversial new museum."

The only thing controversial about the museum is it dares to teach creationism.

The museum’s ticket prices are a little pricey for large families, but the group rates are very affordable.

The museum’s diner, Noah’s Café, was a wonderful surprise. Often having a captive audience, on-site eateries are usually expensive. Noah’s Café was very reasonable and the food was good.

Genesis is foundational to Scripture. I know sincere Christians espouse non-six day theories, but in my opinion they are sincerely wrong. Their hermeneutic, when applied to the rest of Scripture, undermines Scripture. Check out the Creation Museum. The media preaches evolution all day long - why not hear the other side?

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Juanita said...

My family is planning a visit to the Creation Museum. Could you pass along information on the online discount? Thank you --