Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Every good gift and every perfect gift. . .

One more blurb about our trip out West. On our way home, we wanted to stop in Glenwood Springs, Colorado (right outside of Aspen) and see Maroon Bells again. This is such a lovely, peaceful stop. We got to our hotel late in the afternoon and Mom and I were big kids and anxious to go see it right now! My hubby reminded us that the sun would be setting and we would be there in the dark, but he relented and played chaffeur once more.

What we found was a wonderful gift from God. There in June - it was snowing. We were seeing Aspen with snow in the summer! It was breathtaking. The drive in was beautiful, but what the Lord arranged was magical:

Right around that curve, Bobby stops the car. There is an animal in the road in front of us. Mom and I were in such disbelief that Bobby had to say, "Ladies? That's a bear." A bear! In Aspen! Sure enough, a brown bear was just a few yards in front of the car in the middle of the road looking as stunned to see us as we were to see him! By the time the shock wore off and we reached for the camera, he had scurried up the hill. There were deer everywhere. Unfortunately, my photos aren't good, but I include them to give you an idea:

Here's the Currier and Ives scene that awaited us at the lake:

The setting sun gave everything the blue cast of twilight and I felt I was walking in a dream. But the best part was the look on my Mom's face. She had a look of pure joy and wonder.

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