Thursday, August 16, 2007

Neti Pot Testimonial

I'm usually leery of anything that has an "eastern/mystic" origin. However, I kept hearing about neti pots and their beneficial effects for people who suffer from sinus problems. This year has been an especially rough one for me with my allergies, so I reached the "I'll-try-anything" stage and bought a neti pot.

It's basically nasal irrigation. You mix up warm salt water in the pot and then tilting your head, you pour the saline solution into one nostril and it drains out the other side (in theory - the first couple of times, you will swallow a little salt water!). Here's a photo of the process. I found it to be helpful (once I got over the "ick" factor).

There's an old adage that says if you don't have allergies when you come to Kentucky, you soon will! I've recommended this to a friend who also found it beneficial. You can get these at local drug stores.

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chuck said...

simple and well explained....we are hearing all the rave for the neti here...blessings,