Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Traditions, Part I

My hubby and I have a few Christmas traditions, one of which is watching certain movies every year. I'll talk about our favorite in a later post, but #3 in our top trio is The Family Man starring Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni (with scene-stealing Jeremy Piven and the always wonderful Don Cheadle).

I wanna say this is a modern retelling of It's a Wonderful Life, but that doesn't quite get it. One reviewer suggested a redone Scroooged, but that's not quite it either. This sweet, funny and wistful movie is both of those and more.

In it, Cage's character, Jack Campbell, is a powerful mover and shaker with fabulous wealth who, after saying he has everything he needs, gets a "glimpse" of just how wealthy he really could have been. The Wall Street mogul wakes up Christmas morning to find himself living in his worst nightmare: middle class suburbia set in Hell (otherwise known as New Jersey). He has to "figure things out" if he wants to get back to his real life.

Sure, it's predictable, but the scenes with "Jack" and his daughter "Annie" are heart-tugging delights and, as the emotional anchor in the film, Tea Leoni is just wonderful!

While not a Christian movie (has one scene of thinly veiled nudity and at least a couple instances of profanity including an F-bomb and one G-d), it does, however, have real Christian overtones. Without spoiling the film, notice the background when Cage's and Cheadle's characters talk. And pay attention to snow.

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