Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why Can't Everyday Be Like Christmas

Yesterday I was pulling out of the parking lot of Flag Fork Herb Farm where I had enjoyed a lovely lunch with my boss and fellow transcriptionists, when I checked my cell phone and saw I had missed a call from my hubby. I called Bobby and he said cryptically, “How fast can you be home and get ready to go?” Huh? Seems my hubby had decided we were going to take a road trip to Gatlinburg!

For years we have talked about just buzzing down to the Smokies for an overnight trip to see the lights of Winterfest in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. This year, we were going to do it.

I rushed home and by 2:40 p.m. we were on the road. Even with encountering two accidents on I-75, we made the turn into Pigeon Forge at 6:20 p.m. There was still a hint of the setting sun over in the west, but not enough to damper the light displays that were beginning to come into view.

Every business, every hotel, every restaurant seemed to be in on the festivities! There were falling snowflakes on each side of the main thoroughfare. Then, what in the world? What’s with the parrots on top of phones. Wait. There’s Five Golden Rings!! We had just missed the Four Calling Birds! Yep, we were a little slow on the uptake, so we had to turn around and catch the partridge, turtle doves and French hens before proceeding.

Pigeon Forge had huge light displays up in the hills and down every side road. Behind the Old Mill Restaurant was “Patriot’s Park” with light displays of a Iwo Jima, the Liberty Bell, and many other iconic U.S.A. scenes.

Dixie Stampede was awash in Yuletide cheer – the cowboy show was now a Christmas extravaganza complete with camels!

Two huge candles flanked either side of the “Gatlinburg Welcomes You” light display as we entered that city. Here, every other light pole was transformed into ice-covered trees. The lighted snowflake arches over the streets were so ornate, I thought at first they were tiaras!

We spent part of our evening sitting in The Village people watching. The night before the first day of winter found us sitting comfortably outside in longsleeved shirts and sweaters, no coat required!

It was a whirlwinded trip. We left early the next day and were home within minutes of exactly 24 hours from our departure. BUT... what a nice Christmas present! For a few hours, I was a little girl again walking in a fanciful, almost fairytale setting and recapturing a childlike wonder for this, the most wonderful time of the year!


Nakiru said...

He must really love you, indulging your Alisa Christmas fantasies...:-)
Love and miss you guys.
Coral Rose

Anonymous said...

I went to Gatlinburg in December about 6 years ago and it was by far my favorite trip! We went to Dixie Stampede also, which was a wonderful Christmas show, telling the true story of Christmas. I have to say, that is my favorite time in Gatlinburg....that city just begs for cold, nippy weather year you!