Sunday, December 03, 2006

Shades of Grey's

Okay, so I don’t want this to turn into a Grey’s Anatomy blog, but I cried through most of the last episode.

It was all about family – the ones we’re born into and the ones we create. It was about friendship and love and forgiveness and self-doubt and pride and all those real issues that make me keep watching it even when I know the lifestyles are wrong.

There was Dr. Bailey, hurt and vindictive, wanting justice and snarling at the mercy being shown to two sinners, as it were. Nothing new under the sun. Jonah was doing this way back when. Dr. Bailey being reminded by the Chief of mercy shown to her and the Chief’s words being very reminiscent of Jesus’ “I desire mercy and not sacrifice.”

There was Meredith, tending to her half-sister and caring for the woman and her mother, even as she resents them taking her place in her father’s life. Resisting the kindness they extend with cold professionalism, while feeling a tug in their direction nevertheless.

There was George. Trying to care for his family while resenting being in this position, angry at his professional idol for falling off the pedestal, angry at his friend’s duplicity, angry at his family for their ignorance, angry at Callie, just angry at the world. I’ve been there.

Christina and Burke. Professional and personal relationships intertwined and collided. Loving someone when they’ve hurt you.

All this and more - anger, love, betrayal, truth, right and wrong, loyalty, respect, fairness, justice, mercy – all being played out in a wonderfully crafted script.

Even non-Christians can’t escape the Gospel and Truth. They write it in their songs, plays, movies and television shows. I am amazed at the clear glimpse we get into the human heart from this show and how real the characters are to me. I see friends, family and myself in them.

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