Sunday, December 31, 2006

Just Another New Year's Eve

I wrote the following poem/prayer 25 years ago at age 19. With wishes for your 2007 to be blessed, I share it with you:

My Father,

As I approach another year
I want to take time to reflect on the one now leaving.
I want to remember that You woke me up several times
(When my alarm clock failed to),
The kindness You prompted me to do that cemented a new friendship,
The aggravation that came my way and how You reminded me that You
were still God and could handle small things too.
The smile a stranger gave me on one of those “typical” Mondays,
The patience that caused me to hold my tongue,
The bothered conscience that prevented a mistake
And the guilty one that helped me learn from another.
The events that You allowed me in on.
The joy that comes from a mountaintop experience
And the love that pulls me through the valleys.

I want to remember that You let me run my life –my way
And then wiped my tears after I fell flat on my face.
But most of all, let me remember
How much You love me.
That You’ve planned my life out
And care about the details.
Remind me I do have a purpose
That I am where I am for a reason
And that You will always be beside me –
Until I move.

On this New Year’s Eve as others sing the chorus of “Auld Lang Syne”
And wrap their arms around their loved ones,
Let me sing a song of praise
To the One who has wrapped His arms around me.

Alisa Dean (Beatty) ~ 12/31/81

P. S. My hubby has linked to a good New Year's sermon.

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